Sunday, September 12, 2010

a parial view of the hillside in Freetown
just thought I'd wake everyone up and post this of Elder Patterson, the younger, on his first day in Mexico City on his birthday, August 10th. (did you think that you were on the wrong blog cite?) He is doing great, learning the language and loving the mexican people and the food. Don't forget about him. You can write to him for free on "" he is in the Mexico Mexico City East Mission.

the elder's gathered in front of the British Consulat building before the production of "A Mighty Change of Heart", an all African production by the youth of the church in Africa. Each ward or branch in the African Stakes or Districts presented short skits about events in the Book of Mormon. The production was written by sister Linda Petersen from Mesa, Ariz. who is serving with her husband in the Ghana Area Office. The branches worked very hard on their skits, costumes and scenery.

these cute little girls just wanted their picture "snapped"
King Noah's throne; frame made by Elder Jones and Elder Patterson!! great job Elders. canopy and cover provided by the branch

King Lamoni and his wife before she uttered those famous words in Alma 19:5
Wicked king Noah's priests (see Mosiah Chapter 11)

Lehi with his family telling them the Lord has told him they need to leave Jerusalem (sorry these are out of order). Laman stole the show with his defiant attitude (way to go Allie)

this is Moroni telling us about the plates hidden up in the mountain

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

No new pictures to post because we have been having problems with our internet connection. The last 2 + weeks have been very busy with the Area President & Sister Cardon coming; missionaries coming and leaving from the mission as well as those from Sierra Leone coming and going too. Pictures can be found on President and Sister Roggia's blog: It is still raining here; and will continue for another 2 months at least. We get the best fog here where we live in the mornings and in the evenings. Reminds me of the time I went to a baby shower somewhere in Summerlin when it was a new community. It was daylight when I arrived but dark when I left and there was a fog. I was all turned around and didn't know that I was driving in the wrong direction until there was a break in the fog and I could see the Statosphere tower and it was to my left meaning that I was driving south when I should have been going north!! I turned around and went the other way!! Good thing there is only one road here or we would be lost for sure! We are doing well and loving being around the missionaries. They are the best along with those from our ward at home and the missionaries in Connor's mission. Oh well, they are all the best no matter where they are serving! We love them all. I will try to post a pic soon. Wish I had my camera out the other day when we saw a woman with ab0ut 7 baskets of charcoal balanced on her head!!