Sunday, August 22, 2010

until we meet again!

Elder & Sister Jones leaving. We were sad to see them go but happy for their family to be reunited with them.

Mariatta Sesay

This has been a very busy week. Our last goodbyes with Elder and Sister Jones (I don't know what we will do without them); and Elder Bird (a great missionary). We had two days of injuries at the mission home: Elder Neves when the plumbing came out of the wall and flooded their apt and he slipped on the tile; and one of the guards, Peter slipped on the wet tile in the front entry. Pres & Sis. Roggia left for Ghana and Liberia. We had a huge shipment come in from distribution. The Roggia's personal property finally arrived from America. Saturday was The All Africa Service Project . We had to haul water for that project in the back of the pickup. Also a baptism. I'm tired all over again thinking about it. But it is all good. Nothing like being tired for doing good. Oh yes, one more thing. It's been raining every day except for Saturday when we had the service project! Wonder who arranged that?

All Africa Service Day

"brushing" the grass. I know there is a scripture in the Book of Mormon about using weapons of war for domestic things; but I can't find it. anyone know where it is?

Elder Bird

Service Project

water for the service project

All Africa Service Day

eating FuFu

Super P-day; volleyball

Last dinner out with Elder and Sister Jones

Saying Goodbye at Government Wharf

waiting for the water taxi to take Elder and Sis Jones and Elder Bird to Lungi airport across the bay

This is for you Vicki

Sahr Doe, the churches facilities manager here in Freetown, invited the couple missionaries and Pres and Sister Roggia to his home for a farewell dinner for Elder and Sister Jones. This is Sahr's shoe collection!!

all the water we drink or use for cooking has to be filtered thru these 3 filters. This includes water to brush our teeth. We are being very careful and not drinking or using any unfiltered water unless we boil it first.
the rainwater from the collector tank is pumped up to this tank and then comes into the apt water system thru gravity.


This is the collector tank that collects the rain water. In the dry season Elder Patterson either has to haul water from the mission office or have water delivered by a company and pumped into this tank.
We sleep under a net every night so we won't get bit by the malaria mesquito that only comes out between dusk and dawn. It is only the bite of the female that can make you sick. Pres. Roggia told the Elders that if they got malaria they would be breaking mission rules by letting a female into their apartment!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Where we are every day

This is the mission office building. The district offices for Seminary, Institute and Facilities are on the top floor as well as an apartment for the Assistants to the President.
Pres & Sis Roggia & Couples serving in Freetown Mission
Elder & Sis. Patterson; Elder & Sis. Neves; Pres & Sis Roggia; Elder & Sis. Jones

Thursday, August 12, 2010

This is the Freetown District Building and the meeting house for the Freetown, Dwarzak & Mt. Aureol Branches which is on the same property as the mission office. One of our guards, Meiata, and two others are watching the rig hit water (see next post)
The water source for the mission office, a branch building and two missionary apts has been unreliable, so the church has authorized the drilling of a water well. Here we see they did find water
along with a lot of dirt that blew up out of the hole with the water.

Drilling a water well at the mission office .

the owner of our apt building is putting up another 2 story apt. bldg next door. All the bricks on this 2nd floor have been carried up on the heads of the workers!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Elder Patterson (the younger one)

Happy Birthday Elder Patterson on your first day in Mexico City.
(p.s. this pic was taken at the MTC when we brought lunch for Connor and his comp. Elder Jordan, before we left for Africa)

Monday, August 2, 2010

RS Saturday Enrichment

Relief Society enrichment tie dye.

Elder Patterson's favorite fast food in Sierra Leone! fish, and potatoe leaf sauce over rice!!! yup, smells like the barnyard!!!