Monday, January 31, 2011

John Charles who was baptized on Christmas day

Sister Rose (Markus' wife); came by the office to say hi.

Random picture from the car leaving Liberia just before Christmas. The road is so busy that sometimes it takes hours to go the few miles over the bridge.

Sister Roggia and I found a new place to shop. It is called Essentials Market. They have a lot of American products but are really expensive. A large jar of Noxema is 41,000 Leones (approx $10). We went by the store one day and bought a few things we couldn't find anywhere else and then went back the next day for some things we thought we should get before they didn't have them anymore. The day we went back, they had no power. There is a huge street widening project going on and all the power and water lines had been turned off. But not to worry, they gave us little battery lanterns to find our way down the isles. This picture was taken in the total darkness except for the camera flash and the little lanterns. Sis. R is holding her lantern and mine is on top of the display shelf by her.

This is Elder Campbell who left on Friday for his 2 yr. mission in Nigeria. Because this is a District and not a Stake, President Roggia sets apart all the African elders from here and Liberia before they leave on their missions. He is also the authority who releases them after their honorable service. We currently have approx. 80 missionaries from Sierra Leone and Liberia serving in other African missions. Pretty cool, huh? (I told Elder Campbell that we were probably related)

How many men does it take to lift a generator? as many as will fit in the back of a pickup!!! We recently changed out a generator and the old backup one had to be taken to the shop to be serviced and hopefully sold. Markus recruited these men to help get it in the truck and then they went with him to take it out at the repair shop.

Fire investigators don't retire, they go to Africa on missions!!! Bro. Markus and Elder Patterson discovered why the new water well at the mission office doesn't work. The wires to the pump were taped together with package tape and the wires burned through and shorted out.

Elder Patterson and Bro. Markus filling a tank of water to take to the Elders in the Wellington District. During this season of the year, they haul a lot of water either to the elder's apartments or to the mission home (when we can't get the Guma Water Co. to bring us water).

Friday, January 7, 2011

President and Sister Roggia with 4 new missionaries leaving on their missions. They had all just been set apart as missionaries by Pres. Roggia and traveled together to the Ghana MTC. Elders Wongo, Foday, Fofana, and Sister Farama. Sister Farama and Elder Wongo will be going to the Nigeria Calamar mission and Elder Foday and Fofana will be going to Nigeria Port Harcourt.

View of the Freetown port and valley below from the road to the college above the town.

taken on the road above Freetown going to the college

couldn't resist taking a picture of this street sign at the college

I'm not sure if this is a dorm building or a classroom building for the college up the hill. Great surroundings for a school. very quiet and serene surroundings.

In the middle of Freetown, up a hill, is a beautiful area where there is a college. It is a beautiful area. You can see the valley below from the winding road down the hill. There are beautiful trees and lush landscapes. It was a very enjoyable ride.

branch missionary, Elder Ogoloma, Elder Allred and Elder Ewudzie. Elder Ogoloma had been serving in the Liberia Zone and Elder Allred in the Bo Zone. It will be fun to get to know these Elders better now that they are in the Freetown Zone.

TRANSFER DAY: ELDER BENNION AND ELDER LANCASTER leaving to go to Bo. We will miss them.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Freetown and Bo Elders performing their Christmas program at a local hospital the week before Christmas. They did a great job of writing the program, the Elders who had solo parts were wonderful and they repeated the whole program again the next evening for an invitation only performance for investigators at the Bellair Park chapel. Sister Roggia posted a video of the Wednesday night performance on her blog: check it out, you will love it.

Sometimes the people fall off these moving vehicles.. wonder why?

Hughest snail I have ever seen in my whole life! Sister Roggia found this "little" fellow outside the mission office. Solomon Koroma is holding him up for us to see. He is big enough for an escargo sandwich!!

Driving thru Monrovia on the way to the border and back to Sierra Leone.

The Elders in Liberia showing off the ties they received from the Highland Hills Stake Young Women. They had fun picking their ties. Sister Kimball made it like a raffle and the Elder's got a random number and No. 1 got to pick first, etc. Elder Massey put the one he liked on his head and no one dared take it before it was his turn. Thank you young women, you made 60 elders (there are 40 in the Sierra Leone District) very happy.

Me and Sister Roggia and Sister Kimball the day we left Liberia to drive back to Sierra Leone. We sisters had a great time: we cooked a lot for the Elder's and their Christmas Zone Conference and we went to a few grocery stores that have things that we can't find here. Through it all we laughed a lot.

Tying everything on for the ride to Liberia. Connor would be proud to know that everything was secured tightly and nothing came undone on the bumpy, bumpy road.

somewhere in here is a monkey

No traffic laws or safety laws in West Africa. Ride at your own risk!!

Elder Hickey showing off his HUGE hamburger at Sabbs in Bo. We had dinner there on Sat. night on our trip to Liberia. The elder's love to eat here! (wonder why?)

picture of one of the interior villages on the way to Liberia. We drove to Bo and spent the night and then on through Kenema on the worst road on the planet before we got to Liberia. It was a great trip (other than the road - but we did laugh alot as we bounced around). Thank you Pres and Sis R for inviting us to come along.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

this is John Charles (aged 11), he was baptized on Christmas day by his brother, President Charles of the District Presidency (standing next to me and then John). We were priviledged to teach young John the missionary discussions prior to his baptism. Elder Laneri (ZL for Freetown is behind me); and Markus Wallace, our "right-hand man" in the mission, is next to Elder P. Markus came for the baptism of his friend who is on the other side of John. The Baptism made it a "white Christmas" in the mission.

Our little Christmas Tree for 2010!