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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

P Day at Charlotte Falls -- Elders Smoot, Priddis, Hickey, and Afadi

Happy Elders having a good time at Charolotte Falls. Elder Smoot tried to use the rocks as a "slip and slide"!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Elder Hickey and Elder Afadi at Charlotte Falls

Missionary moment

Elder Hickey and Elder Priddis sharing the gospel with our guide after our hike to the falls and back

Girl's Camp

In honor of girls camp this week (July 18 - 23) we went on a hike to Charlotte Falls with the Assistants and the Office Elders. We had to park the truck and hike in to the falls. Elder Hickey got this pic of me to prove that I was hiking and ready for camp. Have a great week Highland Hills Stake YW!

Fun P day

Fun day with the Office Elders and the Assistants at Charlotte Falls. Elder Smoot and Elder Hickey leave for home in 2 weeks :(



Charlotte Falls

"P-DAY" MONDAY, JULY 18TH Sierra Leone Freetown Mission -- Charlotte Falls

Monday, July 11, 2011

Don't forget to pray. the people in this car stopped and said a prayer about 4 minutes before this accident. The miracle is that no one died and of the 5 people in the car, one person in the back seat had a cut on his forehead and the person in the front passenger side had a couple of abrasions on his right arm.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sister Roggia and I and Elder Hickey and Elder Afadi checking out an apartment for the sister missionaries that are coming in September. see posts below for more ....

they have two kitches and two dining rooms. eventually they will put a wall in the middle of the long hallway and make two apartments out of the whole floor.

This is the dining room (see posts below). The power was off so it was pretty dark in there.

These two little girls were so excited to have visitors . Sister Roggia and I and Elder Hickey and Afadi went to visit and to look at the rental apartment upstairs for a possible sister missionary apartment. It was a great place -- gated, and had water tanks and a generator for when the water company stopped sending water and for when the electric co. stopped sending electricity (which happens a lot btw). This picture was taken in the rental apartment; the family residence is on the whole bottom floor. The top floor is divided into two rentals. The family that owns this building lived in Atlanta GA for 20 years and recently returned to Sierra Leone. They had all their furniture shipped from the US to here for their home downstairs. All very nice.

4th of July Celebration! You can take the Americans out of the USA but you can't take the USA out of the Americans!!

Celebrating in Style

4th of July celebration with Pres and Sis Roggia and Elder and Sister Neves. We actually lit sparkelers (too bad it wasn't dark).

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Big baptism on June 18th. the whole mission had approx 65 baptisms that day. On this day in the Mount Aureol branch, Enid (arms folded) and her mother, Betty (next to Enid), were baptized by Elder O'male (kneeling). Betty is Sister Massaquoi's niece. Sister Massaquoi (in black dress next to Betty) joined the church last year and has introduced many many members of her family to the gospel and the missionaries. She is a good missionary to her family.

Border Trip

Elder Patterson inspecting the truck after its trip to the Liberian border and back with Markus . Markus had 4 elders in the truck and Pres and Sis Roggia had the assistants plus two elders in the Everest. They had a little convoy going on there -- it is a two day trip to the border with an overnight in Bo which is a 3 hr drive from Freetown. Then from Bo to the border is another 5 to 6 hours depending on the road conditions. Sister Roggia has posted a video of the road from Bo to Liberia on her blog: ; if you want to see the "road". It is quite a trip over a rollercoaster dirt (muddy in rainy season) road. Actually road is an upgraded word for what it actually is. Although, Sister Roggia and I, for some reason, couldn't stop laughing (with tears) when we rode in the very back seat row of President's Everest on the way returning from Liberia in December.

We recieved 10 new elders to the mission here in Freetown on June 21st. Here they are arriving at the Govrnment Wharf after a long water taxi ride across the water from the airport in Lungi (the water taxi ran out of gas and another boat had to bring them some). Some of the African elders were a little worried; not only their first airplane ride but also first boat ride! Three of these elders were assigned to the Liberia part of the mission and are now in Monrovia. They get to serve in the same areas as our two first-ever sister missionaries (see next post). I am sure the sisters will be happy to have some of their MTC brothers in Liberia with them.

Our two sister missionaries arrived safely in Monrovia, Liberia on June 21st after 2 weeks at the Ghana MTC. They were met at the airport by Sister Kimball and Sister Kirkham. Everyone is so excited to have sister missionaries in the mission. We will be getting 10 more sisters in September for a total of 12 for the two countries.