Friday, December 24, 2010

MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE SIERRA LEONE FREETOWN MISSION. These 40 Elders are serving in the Freetown and Bo areas of Sierra Leone. We have another 20 Elders serving in Liberia and another Sr Couple, the Kimballs (to see their "Merry Christmas" picture you can go to All the Elders came into Freetown for two days (Dec 15 & 16)of a Christmas Conference. They prepared a Christmas program for the investigators here in Freetown and also performed at a local hospital. They were able to spend some time together playing "football" (soccer), watching two movies and eating (a lot). We loved being around them. They are all such great missionaries.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The majority of Africans cook with charcoal stoves in their yard or on their front porch. We see vendors like this lady carrying baskets of charcoal stacked upon their heads. She has 7 baskets up there - it is amazing that they can balance so much.

Driving into the Mission Home compound thru the gates with our initials (one on each gate) "M" and "G"!!

ELDER PATTERSON in front of the Africa map outside the Assistant's office

Mt.Aureol Branch Relief Society Sisters singing at the district wide RS picnic. Each branch had to perform a skit or sing a song or some other type of entertainment. We had practiced a really fun song, but then half the people didn't show up, so we just sang a hymn.

This is Elder Grabau before Sacrament Meeting on Sunday, Nov. 28th.

Alfred Kebbie of the Dwarzak Branch opening his mission call to the Ghana Cape Coast Mission. (looking on (left to right) is Elder Bennion, Elder Grabau, Elder Adjei and Elder Njaga)

BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR PRINCE (in the white shirt) AND PRINCESS (who is burying her face in her mother's skirt)TURAY

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sister Agbo, Sister Turay and her sister at the house warming party.

We were recently invited to the Home of Bro and Sis Turay for a joint birthday party for their children, Prince and Princess; and a housewarming party.

The food was sooooo good. Chicken, rice, pasta salad, beef kabob; very good indeed!!!

Even with a new house, the Sierra Leoneans still do their cooking outside.

It is now legal for me to drive the Streets and dirt paths of Freetown and Sierra Leone!!! There was no driver's test, only an exchange of money and a picture. There are no traffic laws here either. no stop lights and the one stop sign is just a suggestion!