Monday, July 5, 2010

the new In n Out

Pres & Sis Roggia, (left) our new mission president; and Pres & Sis Squires our first mission pres. We are so glad we got to meet the Squires and get to know them a "small small" bit - they are wonderful and dedicated to this mission and the missionaries. We look forward to working with Pres & sis Roggia and know they will be equally as great in this mission. We are thankful to be here with them. They are now the "greenies" in the mission at least for the next two weeks until we get 8 new Elders from the Ghana MTC.


Robert said...

It's wonderful to see all the smiling faces. Thanks for the updates! We are praying for you.

More details when you can send them, please, like your living accommodations.

Geri Duran said...

Hey you two, good to see your faces on my computer. I finally figured out that I had to look at your "blogs" to see what you were up to. I haven't seen the couple living in your house. Was the baby born? Happy belated anniversary !! My birthday is June 10th, just a few days difference. It's been really hot here; my car said it was 113 degrees when I came out from work the other day. I'll bet it's pretty humid where you are?

Take care of yourselves.
Best regards, Geri Duran