Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mariatta Sesay

This has been a very busy week. Our last goodbyes with Elder and Sister Jones (I don't know what we will do without them); and Elder Bird (a great missionary). We had two days of injuries at the mission home: Elder Neves when the plumbing came out of the wall and flooded their apt and he slipped on the tile; and one of the guards, Peter slipped on the wet tile in the front entry. Pres & Sis. Roggia left for Ghana and Liberia. We had a huge shipment come in from distribution. The Roggia's personal property finally arrived from America. Saturday was The All Africa Service Project . We had to haul water for that project in the back of the pickup. Also a baptism. I'm tired all over again thinking about it. But it is all good. Nothing like being tired for doing good. Oh yes, one more thing. It's been raining every day except for Saturday when we had the service project! Wonder who arranged that?

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