Monday, January 31, 2011

Sister Roggia and I found a new place to shop. It is called Essentials Market. They have a lot of American products but are really expensive. A large jar of Noxema is 41,000 Leones (approx $10). We went by the store one day and bought a few things we couldn't find anywhere else and then went back the next day for some things we thought we should get before they didn't have them anymore. The day we went back, they had no power. There is a huge street widening project going on and all the power and water lines had been turned off. But not to worry, they gave us little battery lanterns to find our way down the isles. This picture was taken in the total darkness except for the camera flash and the little lanterns. Sis. R is holding her lantern and mine is on top of the display shelf by her.

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