Monday, May 30, 2011

For some reason the internet is working really well today, so I am taking advantage of posting a few pictures. One never knows when one may get another chance to upload pictures. This is a picture of our water filter system. All our drinking water is filtered thru these three white canisters. We just changed the No. 1 filter - the old one is all brown ! and the new one is nice and clean and white. We will be drinking rain water mostly for the next few months as we have a water collection system on the roof which catches the rain water and fills our tanks. It is then pumped up to the top tank and gravity brings it into the building. The mission supplies all the missionary apartments with this system and replacement filters. The elders are in charge of making sure they change them when they are supposed to. We just received a new shipment of filters and systems for all the new elders we will be getting this summer.

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Ellen said...

wow thats a pretty dirty filter. We are pretty spoiled here with our water. How long did it take to get that brown, how often do you change them?