Sunday, July 3, 2011

Border Trip

Elder Patterson inspecting the truck after its trip to the Liberian border and back with Markus . Markus had 4 elders in the truck and Pres and Sis Roggia had the assistants plus two elders in the Everest. They had a little convoy going on there -- it is a two day trip to the border with an overnight in Bo which is a 3 hr drive from Freetown. Then from Bo to the border is another 5 to 6 hours depending on the road conditions. Sister Roggia has posted a video of the road from Bo to Liberia on her blog: ; if you want to see the "road". It is quite a trip over a rollercoaster dirt (muddy in rainy season) road. Actually road is an upgraded word for what it actually is. Although, Sister Roggia and I, for some reason, couldn't stop laughing (with tears) when we rode in the very back seat row of President's Everest on the way returning from Liberia in December.

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