Thursday, September 22, 2011

Humanitarian missionaries, Elder and Sister Greding, recently traveled to Sierra Leone to check on some water projects that they had started a few months ago. They visit about every six months to check on their current projects and look for sites for new ones. They are amazing people who travel all over West Africa for the church to scout out and find areas where wells are needed to provide clean water for communities.

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Lazenby Family News said...

Our California Ventura Stake has been sending dresses through another church. We made 800 first time then aboutcthe same or more for boys t-shirts. This ladt Sept. We did it again and over 600 dresses, hundreds of humanitarian kits and infant kits. It would be wonderful to be able to send these to The Freetown Misson. We're happy ours were given, but it's the other Christian Church and we are left out of the loop after their church packs them. Do you have a way to recieve newly made clothing, kits, and supplies? I know of 2 other stakes in Utah snd one in WY. that are interested, also. Thank you for your great service. Susan