Friday, October 28, 2011

This is Sister Mary Koroma (newly baptized member) with her sister, brother and niece. Sis. Thomas and I went to do our visiting teaching a week ago, but did not make it to Mary's house because we got soaked from the rain before we could make it to her house. So this week, we went again and she was not home. Her sister took us to her(at her brother's carpentry shop)tending her mother's vegetable stand next to his shop. Mary had told the Elders on Sunday that "two sisters said they were coming to visit me last week, but they never came". So we made sure we found her this week.

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Ellen said...

That is so awesome. I just love their smiles. Glad you made it that week. Did you pick up some veggies. What do they grow there?? anything different from what we eat.