Thursday, June 17, 2010

MTC Comps

Elder Patterson and Elder Jordan


President and Sister Roggia said...

We love your blog. Cathy and I attend the mission presidents seminar at the MTC on the 23nd. I believe that you'll have one full day in the mission. We arrive in the mission on 1 July. It looks like you will have nine days experience on us. We really look forward to working with you in this great work. President Roggia Our email is and our new blog is:

t said...

Greetings Missionary Pattersons: The pictures and captions help us stay close to you. Thank you for serving on your mission and providing this wonderful blog.

T. Malone

Jen and Marty said...

I LOVE this! So glad you're doing it! I'll be checking often. :)
Love Jen (Stewart) Paris