Friday, June 25, 2010


We are in Sierra Leone . arrived Tues June 22nd. our flights were uneventful except that we stayed on the plane in NY until we almost missed the connection. for some reason they had no gate for the plane when we arrived. Also when we changed airlines in Ghana they wanted to charge us for our bags again and we tried to talk them out of it; but the lady wasn't backing down. We got our money out to pay her and then she said it was ok; and we didn''t have to pay!! We will post pictures later when our laptop gets set up. The weather is rainy, humid . We have had dinner at the Mission Pres. apt. the first night. the second night we ate at a member's house. He had a going away dinner for Pres and Sis Squires. it was an amazing dinner. The missionaries here love Pres and Sis Squires. they have been wonderful for this mission and the missionaries. We are so glad to have come before they have to leave next week. We are sure that the new Pres.; Pres. Roggia and Sis Roggia will be equally as effective and wonderful. This is the Lord's work and he would only send the best to this place. The young missionaries are a great group of Elders. We were able to meet quite a few of them yesterday at the Zone Conference. We have had more rain in the last three days here than we had in the last 3 years in Las Vegas!!


Emilie and Branden said...

Yay!!! You're blogging from Africa! Yay!!! Don't drown in the rain. Love you guys!

ctr81999 said...

no wonder you didn't answer my text!!! Miss you happy to read about your mission.
Love Brenda

Robert said...

Glad to know you are there! You both look and sound great! Thanks for keeping us posted.

Bennions said...

Aren't blogs incredible?! It's so fun reading everything that's going on with you and reading all the comments. I was surprised to see your new mission president and wife commenting. I went to their blog and enjoyed reading that as well. It looks like you enjoy a great relationship with them. Keep the information coming. I look forward to hearing details on what you fill your day with. Things are going well here. We are putting the Dixons to work. They are great people. God be with you.

Bishop Bennion