Sunday, August 14, 2011

There is not a lot of traffic on Sundays, so after Church today we decided to take a little drive down to Lumley Beach. We drove by some little wood carving shops that I want to go back to on a Monday sometime, if I can talk Elder P. into it! We stopped for a while on the beach and walked along the sand. It had been raining hard during church but it was only a little sprinkle while we were walking and driving. Not long after we got back to the apartment, another torrential downpour came again. It was so peaceful at the ocean -- just the sound of the surf :) .


DuCoeur said...

Hello Mike and Gloria!

My name is Shelley DuCoeur and I am a member of the Church in the England, Manchester Stake. My daughter, Sister Rhiannon DuCoeur, is serving in the Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission and has asked me to find a way to pass on a referral (via Temple Square) to the Sierra Leone Freetown Mission.

I was unable to find a mission email address or telephone number but came across your blog and thought it was worth a try!
The details are as follows:

Name : Arthur Wonplue

Tel. 23177796838

Address: Old Metadi 831

If you can arrange for some kind of missionary contact, that would be great. Apologies if it is inappropriate to pass on a referral this way but under the circumstances I hope an allowance can be made.

With very best wishes.
Shelley DuCoeur

Edgelfamily said...

I am so glad you had a chance to go to the beach n just enjoy the sounds, smells n sights of it!

Ellen said...

What a gorgeous beach. Mike looks the same, alittle more white around the edges, but the same. LOL. So nice it didn't rain hard while you were enjoying the beach. Miss you guys.

Vicki said...

Looks pretty there. If only you can spend everyday at the beach. :)