Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dinner and a Wild Ride

clockwise from the lower left: Mariam Koroma, Mariam's mother, Vidalyn Thomas, Fatamata and her aunt, Mariama Kamara, sister Charlie's daughter and Mabinty Charlie (RS Pres). Sister Thomas and I are visiting teachers to Mariam Koroma. Sister Kamara is my visiting teacher. We had these sisters over for dinner last Saturday. We were only expecting 4 people and had 7 instead. While I finished with the dinner prepartions with Mariam's help, the others watched a video of last year's RS broadcast. Luckily we had plenty of food - spagetti and garlic bread. We made a pizza for an appetizer. After dinner we were trying to figure out how to get everyone home or to pay for them to take transport (either a taxie or a poda poda - which is a VW combi or similar vehicle crammed to the brim with people. Our little truck really is only big enough for 5 people but somehow we had managed to get me and all the girls in it for the drive up. But to take them home, would be a little trickier since Elder Patterson needed to go with us. Sis. Kamara lives over the hill from us and she suggested we take a "short cut" thru the mountain behind the American Embassy. We could drop her and her niece off first and then continue on down the road to the other ladies homes. At first Elder Patterson suggested I just take them, but I insisted he come since it would be dark soon, so he climbed into the back of the truck bed. OM Goodness!!!! I am so glad he went with us. The "road" was NOT A ROAD at all, but a washed out, boulder strewn, washboard dirt path over some really steep and hilly terrain. At one point I thought the truck was going to tip over. On the ride up the hill to dinner the ladies talked all the way up -- now they were totally silent! I know they were scared. Mike (Bro/Elder ) said that he got "big air" about four times. I asked Sister Kamara when was the last time she was on this "road" in a car and she said "a long time". No kidding!! At one point in the journey, a drunken Muslim named Samoa jumped in the back with Mike and bounced around for a while. After we droped the first sisters off I made Mike drive. That was quite an experience that I hope not to repeat.

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