Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Fish Story

Last Monday for P-day, we went with Pres and Sis Roggia and Elder and Sister Neves to Buher beach. It was a great day, and it did not rain until we were on our way home. While there, a fisherman came running up to us. He had just caught a "cuda" (barracuda) and offered to make it into a nice lunch for us with rice and cole slaw. We had each brought a pic nic lunch with us and did not want to have that go to waste; so we declined his offer to cook for us. However, we told him we would buy the whole fish and cook it ourselves later. So, after some negotiations on the price (thanks to Elder Neves) we were able to buy the fish, and he cleaned and fileted it for us right there. Luckily we had ice in the ice chest and a bag to store our catch! That night, the six of us had a wonderful dinner at the mission home all for less than $5 per person.

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